A Platform Must Exist

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many chefs chatting, working together, and getting things done as a team.

For years I’ve thought I had known all their was to know about Chefs and their inability, or lack of desire, to work with one another. I was obviously very mistaken.

So, last night, I was pleasantly surprised as I helped execute a charity dinner for someone in our community and watched as 13 Chefs of varying skills, backgrounds and abilities huddled in the kitchen to knock out a pretty slick 8 course dinner.

These Chefs worked together in a way I haven’t seen before, like a legit team. I was confused though, don’t these men and women all dislike each other? Didn’t that one guy steal that other guys dishwasher? Isn’t there supposed to be drama? A fist fight?

It was the opposite as each Chef literally did whatever they could to help the other. As each featured Chef executed a different course, the surrounding Chefs supported and insulated him or her like an army pushing to take over a small town. It was awesome.

There was a lot of “What do you need?” “Can I help?” “That looks great” “Oh so good”. I was witnessing a culture unfold in front of me and that culture was one that I was excited to get to witness, one that I was proud of.

So I am left to ask myself is this actually how it is, always? Have I been way off when I say that people in our industry, Chefs especially are working in silos? Perhaps I am wrong. Or perhaps I am right and last nights sisterhood and brotherhood of Chefs that came together as one unit to execute something very special was actually an anomaly.

Here’s what I think happened.

There was a platform created.

You see Chefs aren’t that unique of a species, I mean sure they have their own intricacies but they could easily be likened to say Professional Athletes that play team sports. Sure those athletes as individuals, much like the chefs, have a ton of talent on their own, but what they can all do as a team is truly special. And that is what I witnessed last night.

There was a field for all of the Chefs to come together and play. The field allowed for them to squash what maybe at some point was bas blood between one or two of them or some silly past issues that kept a few of them from speaking for months. This event, this “field’, this platform allowed for them all to come together and pull the weight in the same direction and wow it was so awesome to see.

Now I am challenged with the idea of how can we spread this platform feeling, vibe, reality, industry wide, heck globally? What needs to be in place, managed, nurtured and there for any individual in the hospitality space to access at any time? I am not too sure what this much broader platform would look like, but I am sure that once I am able to better comprehend it I will be actioning it here in my city to create more of what I witnessed last night.

Here’s to power of teamwork and stepping up to help each other out whenever and wherever we can.