Question: Are Egos Holding The Hospitality Industry Back?

How likely are you to ask for help when you need it?

I will admit it, at times I can be stubborn and really too embarrassed to ask for help.

At 37 years old I am now more willing than ever to admit that I have gaps in my game, or perhaps I just don’t know how to do something, or maybe I just need a helping hand and recognizing that is beginning to serve me very very well.

It’s not about being weak or really being humble, it’s about being honest and recognizing that we can and should be better, and a lot of the times we need assistance getting there.

As a restaurant consultant I am blessed to work with a variety of clients that all make up this dynamic industry and you know what, not one of them is perfect. Perfect, doesn’t exist. Working with my clients and just being a consumer in the industry with a keen eye for the details, it’s incredible what I see and hear happening. I am not always surprised that the gaps exist, but I will admit, sometimes I am surprised at how large those gaps are.

While I don’t know what I don’t know, I am confident that if 99.9% of these businesses that have gaps (see; issues) were willing to step out of their business and take a look at it from the consumers standpoint and relax the ego they would see the issues that are obvious and some that are likely a little more nuanced but all in the same, holding their business back.

Just like my podcast this week (released on September 4th) and lasts weeks episode where I mention that it is one thing to be aware of the issues, but the true growth comes in actually working to fix them. For a lot of us, myself included, these gaps exist because we don’t know how to fill them in, and we are too proud to ask for help.

Are we lacking the confidence in this industry to ask for help or am I way off base and there is a whole underbelly world that I am not privy to where chefs, bakers, bartenders, servers, and restaurateurs all share openly and admit that they are needing help in their business? If that is the case, please strike this blog from the record and forget September 4th’s podcast. Admittedly I would be extremely happy if that was the case as I am firm believer that we are needing more and more dialog around the issues we are all having and using the community as a whole to come together to share. Using the community that makes up the industry to do the best it can to offer solutions to some if not all of the issues. Or you know what? Not even offering solutions, just offering a place to be heard. Period.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, and like me it has taken you some time to exercise the ego aspect of what you do, without shame or pride, the next time you feel like you could do better, and you really want to do better, reach out, ask for help and just watch what happens.

… And I hope this goes without saying, but should you need anything from me, and if I can help you or your business, please reach out at anytime!