My Heart Is Full.

Well we did it.

Four down.

Two to go.

I am extremely full, and it feels awesome. While there was incredible food served at last nights Half A Dozen Dinner Series Vol4, it wasn’t the food that left me feeling so full.

My heart was full.

Over the past 8 months we’ve executed 4 of the most impactful events that I have ever been a part of and they’re only getting better and better. Before, during and after the dinner I am extremely aware of the emotions that are coming up for me, and while many of them are hard to describe and pin point, I will say I feel a whole lot of love during these dinners.

I wrote about some of the other emotions I experienced from our last dinner about a month ago and I described as, well, the blog I wrote is called “Last Night I Got High, Really High” so essentially I get a high off of these incredible evenings, and last night was no different.

I will be honest, most of these events from start to finish are a blur to me, but last night was different, it seemed more intimate. While the space we were in lent to that, there seemed to be this incredible willingness of all of the guests to engage and share, and that for me was so cool to witness. My heart was filling up a lot at this time.

A few of the guests made it a point to share with me some of the kindest and most generous words that I could have every asked for and I was so proud of all of us to be in this room and feeling so willing and able to share what we really were feeling in that very moment. I was witnessing, again, the power of food, and the power of a great cause.

I was blown away all evening by the chatter amongst the guests, and equally blown away by the performance of the 11 volunteers that gave up their Saturday nights to help bring my vision into a reality. I was so proud of all of them for doing such an incredible job with the service and for being so bought into why we were all there.

My heart is full as I sit and write this just over 24hrs after the event started and it feels so awesome.

I am learning more in these events, again, about the power of food and it’s ability to bring people together. The ability to create an incredible positive impact in your community, world, home, or wherever on the back of some wicked food should never be underestimated.

If you’re reading this, try it out for yourself. Go out and buy some great ingredients, invite your friends over for a meal, or heck host a long table dinner on a farm, charge a fair price for the tickets and donate the profits to a local charity that is near and dear to your own heart and watch it catch on like wild fire. Create conversation, promote community, and help others while we are at it.

Here’s to the power of food never being underestimated and here is to respecting the food we are so fortunate to consume. Let’s do our best to lift others up around us so that they feel welcome at the table as well.