I'm Proud.

Some say that “PRIDE” is one of the seven deadly sins, I disagree.

Pride can be defined as “a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.”


I feel pride in this moment, not only for myself but for the community that I truly love so much.

Since I can remember I’ve absolutely loved the hospitality industry, before I even knew it was called “the hospitality industry”. I’ve always loved restaurants of every kind, I’ve always enjoyed hotels, and now as an adult I have a true love for cafes. There is just something about this industry that intrigues me like no other and draws me in.

The pride I feel for myself is for being so bold, so relentless, and so honest in following the path that I’ve felt drawn to walk down for so long. I am proud of tangible things too. I am proud of my podcast, which is really the fuel for this write up. I am proud of my clients that I get to work with every week as their trusted consultant as I work alongside of them to gather a better understanding of what issues they are having and how I can help them resolve those issues as best I can. Lastly I am proud of me for doing all of the above, and I am proud of anyone else who is out there right now doing what they love, helping others, and aggressively chasing down their dreams.

My real motivation for this piece on the “sinful” pride I am feeling comes from a place of reflection as I took no longer than 5mins to look back on the incredible people I have met in this industry. More specifically the incredible people I have met through my podcast. I am beyond proud of my guests. The amount of real, raw, and honest sharing that I’ve been able to be exposed to LIVE and in person has completely changed my understanding of what we are all doing in this industry and why.

I’ve cried on my podcast, and I’ve sat silently while my guests have cried as well and I am so damn proud of that. I am proud of the platform that The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast has become. I love that I can hold space for literally anyone from our community and allow for them to share their story, as intimate as they want that share to be.

One of my latest podcasts had me thinking out loud again about the power of the microphones. While intuitively one might think that if you had a mic in front of your face you may not be too forth coming with information, the good and the bad. However the microphones have proven to be 10,000,000 times better than a coffee meeting downtown. With the microphones turned on I’ve been able to learn more about the hospitality industry than ever before. I’ve learned recipes, names of exotic fruits, how croissants are made, what food racism is and that a heck of a lot of people in our industry are suffering.

The topics that I’ve been able to unearth with my guests have given me so much hope for this industry worldwide. The hospitality community is doing some incredible work to put our people and the products on the map, but there is also a huge push to create a more open dialog on what’s been quietly challenging our industry for centuries.

Call it mental health, drug & alcohol abuse, anxiety, stress, or depression. Call it whatever you want. For far too long these issues and many others have gone uncovered and they’ve cost the community so absolute incredible talents. Through my podcast I’ve been witness to my guests baring it all and being as honest as they can be about their experiences in this industry, and unfortunately a lot of them have been brutal and have caused many lasting issues. However each guest that comes on to my show and decides to share, and allow for the show to go there, I can guarantee, those people are a beacon for someone else listening, feeling the exact same way, but having no clue where to turn to or even what to do first.

So today I am proud. I am proud of the podcast guests that have allowed for the podcast to be a space where they feel safe to share and to allow for others to achieve a more intimate look at what is really going on in the hospitality industry.

As I quickly approach my 100th episode I am more in love with my podcast and it’s guests than ever before. I am extremely excited for the next 100 and all of the fantastics shares from our guests that are sure to come our way.

I am proud of everything this industry has to offer and feel so lucky that I get to be a part of it.