Last Night I Got High, Really High.


For the record I don’t get high, I don’t even drink alcohol but last night I got very high.

The internet says that being “high” can be described as “a classic uptick in physical energy and emotional uplift.” and I couldn’t agree more because that is exactly what I felt.

It all started at 5:45am yesterday as I woke up to prepare for a day that had been circled on my calendar for the past 6 months. June 22nd 2019 meant I was hosting, along with an incredible crew of volunteers, my THIRD of SIX pop-up dinners for 2019 with all profits going to local food based charities.

As I made my way through the logistics of the morning I had no idea what was truly in store for me 10 to 12 hours later, and I definitely didn’t think I was going to get as high as I did. However what transpired over what was an incredibly long day is actually pretty hard for me to even articulate here, but I will do my best.

Picture this.

You spend hours, scratch that, weeks envisioning something, something you really really want to come true, and then right before your eyes it becomes a reality in what seems to be a very short amount of time.

Of the the previous pop-ups that we’ve done they’ve been sort of similar in a roundabout way in that they were in spaces that looked like, felt like, and were actual restaurants (or restaurant-like spaces). This dinner, the one I was high for, was fundamentally different. We were set to host 60 people for a six course plant-based dinner, in a field.

No walls, no professional kitchen, no restaurant in sight. We were called to create a restaurant in the middle of a field on a farm. So that is what we did.

For weeks I had been planning on paper, and in my head. Bouncing ideas off of my friends, my partner, and at some points even my 1 year old daughter. I didn’t realize, however, that all of those conversations, all of those run throughs of Scenario A’s vs. Scenario B’s was setting me up for a very unreal and unforgettable night.

As the day went on yesterday, everything began to take shape. Sure maybe the lights didn’t quite look the way I drew it up. Sure the 60 person table wasn’t perfectly straight. But what was happening was my vision was becoming my reality.

I started to get high.

I could feel it when it hit me and it was a very long and blissful high. As I worked with my incredible friends to set up tables, kitchens, lights, and what we called a “bar” I felt a very visceral since of joy that was just slathered with a whack of pride as well.

Wrapping up the last few pieces of work to get the space ready for guests and then the buzz really kicked in. It was official, it was game time and I was as ready as I could ever be to do this.

The difference was this time I was very aware of how high I was.

I was as blissed as I could be as I welcomed people to the farm and encouraged them to make themselves at home on the incredible land we had turned into our little restaurant for the night. The mingling of the guests, the aesthetics of what we had created kept hitting me and giving me such incredible jolts of joy that I couldn’t stop talking to myself. Mumbling things like “You’re actually doing it.” “You realize how awesome this is right?” “Look at all of these wicked people here to support you!”. That dialogue prolonged the high and ensured me that this was a very special feeling on a very special night.

By now you realize that I wasn’t actually “high” in the sense that I took a few hits from a bong yesterday. I was high from seeing what was once only a vision in my head become a very complete and very real reality. My high was fuelled by me doing what I love to do. My high came from being in a space and time where I felt there was no where else I was supposed to be. My high was the alignment of me just being the absolute realest that I could be. Finding myself in such a natural space and state provided me with the type of high that I will look to chase again and I am sure I have even experienced in the past but perhaps I was too unaware to take a moment to recognize it.

They say that “PRIDE” is one of the 7 deadly sins, but I embraced that feeling last night as I was so proud of everyone that came together for really one reason, to share, and from that sharing came so many other incredible spokes to the wheel. I was proud last night as I sat in that high, and I am proud now as I write this. I am proud because I am staying more true now to what lights me up than ever before. It has taken me 37 years to learn that the more you align with what you really want out of this life the more opportunities you have to get as high as you can as often as possible.

Looking back on last night it was everything that it needed to be and a little bit more with the high it provided me.

Here’s to our visions becoming our realities and the ability to get high from it all.


If you’d like to get high with me, be sure to stay tuned for the next 3 dinners we have coming up this year here in Vancouver!