Show Notes - Joanna Jagger : Creating Space For Positive Change

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Joanna Jagger and her team are “new to this space” but they are coming to the Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation world with a ton of experience, a basket full of educational pieces, and a true desire to facilitate positive change for all women in these spaces.

Meeting up with Joanna I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn, but I knew I was going to walk away with a fresh perspective, some actionable takeaways, and a new appreciation for the gaps that still exist in our industry. What WORTH is working to do is to create a platform for more dialog, a dialog to create some significant change.

The stats that Joanna shared with me during this podcast were staggering and I was blown away by how behind we are, specifically in the hospitality space. Joanna brought new paradigms to consider within the restaurant world that until we met I was likely pretty blind to.

I appreciate Joanna’s approach to what she and her team are working to create with WORTH and I applaud them all on the exceptional work they’ve already done to help fill in where some of these giant gaps have existed for far too long.

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  • What barriers women are still facing

  • How to navigate this space as a woman and as a man

  • How moving our industries forward with these topics can look

  • The importance of conversation

  • Why we need to see action today



“What we are building as Worth Association, for me it, I recognized there was a big gap so if you work in many other industries, there’s a Women In Leadership Association.”  (5:19)

“I think there is choice now. I think women coming up in the next generation, I hope, I truly hope, I truly believe the movements globally, ME TOO or TIMES UP, empowering women.” (19:56)

“And this is the special part of YES SHEF, it’s getting the Vancouver Community College, paired up. ” (25:49)

“Not control yourself to be a professional, and that in itself kind of a form of harassment.” (44:58)

“A book you haven’t read yet, or a podcast you haven’t listened to yet, we are in such a powerful time of having knowledge at our fingertips” (45:38)



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