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A Relentless Approach To Every Detail

R = Relentless

To be relentless is to challenge “being average”, it is to hang on when everyone else is letting go, it is finding the next gear when you thought you had nothing left, it is caring more about giving every part of you than saving something for tomorrow, it is looking fear in the face and still moving.

Being relentless is what separates the greats from everyone else.

There are relentless people all around us. Whether we talk about sports or business there is a plethora of true leaders in their given space that are unwilling to accept anything less than 100 from themselves, and at times those around them.

Names that come into my mind are:

I could keep going on as there are plenty of people both past and present that are relentless. We can observe their work, their way of life, and their impact to assist in proving that they are indeed relentless.

Now you don’t need to be the worlds best NBA player of all time to be considered relentless, but what you do need to do is… act as if. Act as if it is your intention to be a true leader and not let anything get in your way.

Being relentless in the hospitality industry doesn’t actually look that much different to what Steve Jobs did with Apple. Being relentless in any space simply sets you apart from everyone else in that you are clearly, over time, and a proven track record, on a different level from the rest.

Specifically speaking to be relentless in the food and beverage space means you take things to that next level that your fellow industries chums just aren’t willing to do. By going that extra step you are setting yourself up for some very wild success. Consistently creating, honing your skills, educating yourself, teaching others, helping to define a whole new aspect of food and service that has never been understood before, these are all relentless actions.

While you may never have your name mentioned alongside of Wayne Gretzky, you’re daily actions will allow for everything you touch in your space, in your industry, to position you as an absolute trend setter and the one that people will talk about.

The challenge in our industry is just that… it’s challenging.

Tell Kobe Bryant that.

Tell him that our industry is more difficult then the 1.7% chance a college athlete has of becoming a professional athlete. The truth is that there is competition everywhere, and especially in our industry there is the potential for a lot of noise, and with that noise it can become very difficult for you and your restaurant/cafe/hotel/bar stand out.

This is where you need to dig deep and you need to ask more of yourself on a daily basis. You have to be relentless in your approach in taking your business from being one that makes money some times, to one that is lined up 7 nights a week and people all over the Country are talking about.

I should note that being relentless doesn’t mean burning yourself out, it doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal happiness or mental health. It actually means the exact opposite. A truly relentless individual is not only able to lead from the front with their efforts and creativity, but they are also hyper aware of their own wellbeing and they mitigate any and all foreseeable roadblocks with a lazer-like precise approach to everything that they do. Being relentless doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, as a matter of fact it means you are far smarter than most and that you aren’t about to let down the most important person in this whole equation. You.

While our industry truly does demand so much from us, it is those who are able to find the next gear in everything they do that sets them apart and allows for them to be the ones that move our entire industry forward.

Whether you are an owner of a 20 seat cafe, or a Sous Chef at a 600 seat restaurant, adopting a relentless approach to your work will not only pay off incredible dividends to you but it will also lift our industry up to entirely new levels.

To all of you who are currently leading a relentless life, I applaud you.


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