Why Doing What You Love Works


Just 23hrs ago I was living out a dream.

Volume 2 of The Half A Dozen Dinner Series came to life last night as we hosted 56 incredible guests to what was our pop-up restaurant in the awesome Pacific Restaurant Supply space here in Vancouver. At 6:15pm guests started to arrive and at that very moment I was literally living in my own dream.

For weeks, well honestly since our Volume 1 dinner series wrapped up, I’ve been thinking about Volume 2, and for me it did not disappoint.

You see here is the thing I am just learning now at 36 years old. If you truly want to make positive change you need to 1. Surround yourself with talented, sweet, caring, and thoughtful human beings that will lift you up and push you when you need it most and 2. A BIG dream.

This past weekend I was able to look around the room and watch as the individuals that I asked to give up their own Saturday night work as hard as I could have asked them to work. I watched as they treated the event like it was their very own, and that for me was all I could have every asked for. The volunteers that I’ve been lucky enough to work with through the first two dinner series have completely blown me away with their selflessness and ability to get behind my dream and my vision.

My goals are big and they are actually global. For now, just a few months into this process, I am very happy to help great causes here close to home as I’ve aligned with some incredible charities. Working to bring people together over food to create positive change is something that is so near and dear to my heart and watching that come to fruition this past weekend was incredibly powerful and special to me.

The Half A Dozen Dinner Series after just 2 Volumes of it has given me so much and I cannot wait to continue to give back to it over the next 4 dinners throughout this year (June 22nd, August 17th, Oct date TBD, December TBD). I’ve been in awe watching this all come to life from what was once just a thought in my head as I lay in bed.

The awe I feel for these dinners comes from a place of love. I cannot tell you how much I love facilitating a space for people to gather, eat and drink very well, and create some positive change around a serious issue in our community. The love I feel leading up to, during, and after these events is evidence to me that this is exactly where I want to be and exactly what I want to be doing.

While I am not where I want to be, YET, with all of my goals, I am where I need to be in this very moment, and I am very proud of that.

They say “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I say, do what you love, work tirelessly to create all of your dreams into a reality and you will wake up every single day with the most fulfilled life.

Here’s to everyone out there who is working hard, going after their dreams, and creating positive change for themselves and others.

For more information on the The Half A Dozen Dinner Series please head over to my EVENTS page to learn more about the upcoming June 22nd PLANT BASED dinner in Abbotsford.

be good.

do good.