How You Can Turn $1 into $3 & Create Positive Change

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$1 Truly Goes A Long Way

Show Notes From Our Latest Podcast w/ Cynthia Boulter & Caroline Manuel of The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

The podcast for me is an education 99.9% of the time, as I find myself sitting down with guests that can and certainly do teach me so much. Interviewing Cynthia Boulter and Caroline Manuel had me feeling like a kid in school again as I sat there in awe of the information they were sharing with me. Unfortunately it wasn’t the they were teaching me new ways to do long division, they were instead bringing me up to speed and educating me on the realities that we face in this city. The reality that is thousands of members of our communities are requiring help in the form of food. I learned that this is a major issue, and at times a major stress on platforms like The Greater Vancouver Food Bank as they deal with the rapidly increasing requirements that they are facing. I truly appreciated the time and knowledge that both Caroline and Cynthia shared with me, and I am hopeful that their message will be one that creates a call to action in all of us to do what we can to create a positive change in our communities with food.

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  • Who actually uses The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

  • How they can turn $1 into $3

  • The most required items by families

  • How you can help TODAY

  • The importance of volunteers


“I channel it two ways. One we need to tell our story better...”  (6:59)

“Ironically the time of the most need is the summer.” (16:04)

“Brown rice, Cans of vegetables, cans of soup, cans of fish, peanut butter, ” (25:25)

“Money is the most efficient thing you can give.”  (26:01)

“Working with and encouraging that community.” (48:46)


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