Ep057 Show Notes: How To Bring Elevated Food To Your City w/ Jefferson Alvarez

This weeks guest is talented Chef Jefferson Alvarez

This weeks guest is talented Chef Jefferson Alvarez

Sitting down with Jefferson Alvarez was a treat and an education. Hosting Jefferson on The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast allowed for me to get a much better understanding of who Jefferson is outside of the kitchen, but also more intimately understanding just who he is inside of the kitchen. His path to his current reality in Vancouver is full of intriguing stories and lesson we all can learn from. Jefferson has a true desire to do things differently in Vancouver in an effort to bring everyone together, truly forming a community. He is challenged by the current systems we have set up in our industry that he feels don’t allow for innovative and fun collaborations to be executed that could truly put our City, Province, and Country on the map. This episode was really enjoyable for me and I look forward to keeping in touch with Jefferson to see what we can do together to create more positive change in this space.


  • What is holding the Vancouver food scene back

  • Who are the world leaders in food

  • How to get our industry pulling in the same direction

  • Why Jefferson doesn’t want to just cook burgers and fries

  • What to expect when dining at his restaurant


“I had the opportunity to have Albert Adria, and I talked to Tourism Vancouver...”  (3:25)

“Chef Pino is a legend and he’s been very good to me from the start.” (9:49)

“Lets get everyone together. Let's get a hall, and get everyone together to work. To achieve something. ” (22:25)

“We are just Chefs, I mean, what can you do?”  (27:46)

“Bring me the heart and bring me the swimming bladder.” (42:25)


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