You've Just Got To CARE (Part 1 of 4)

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You’ve Just Got To CARE

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series on how to reengage with your business.

I see it far too often in our industry and I am here to help.

Restaurants opening and closing within a calendar year. Others barely keeping their heads above water due to the “challenging” climate in the industry. Owners and leaderships groups disenchanted as they work 16 hour days back to back to back. It is a reality that equates to zero fun and zero longevity.

It is also 100% avoidable.

It starts with simply caring. More specifically it starts with something I call CARE.

Often I refer to “Day 1” with my clients, meaning take me back to Day 1 and walk me through everything. How you were feeling that day? What the weather was like outside? What was the music you listened to as you got your spot set up for it first customer?

On Day 1, how much did you CARE?

What went unnoticed? Likely nothing. What corners were cut? Zero. How excited were you to be walking the floor in YOUR restaurant? I’d assume it was a dream come true.

So what has changed? Time? Sure time has passed, but time will do that and will not stop. What else? Are you bored? Frustrated by unreliable staff? Mad at the restaurant down the block that is full EVERY night they are open?

Take a deep breath. Step back from it all and ask yourself “Do I actually care about my business anymore?”

I would venture a guess that many of these struggling and now closed restaurants were challenged, in the end, with truly caring. They were no doubt pulled in so many different directions day in and day out they couldn’t keep up. Their sheer exhaustion manifested itself into simply loosing the desire to give a damn.

With my consulting work through HALF A DOZEN HOSPITALITY I work with people just like this to help them avoid this inevitable burnout and work alongside of them to show them how to consistently CARE for their business.

For PART ONE of this 4 part series I will break down the “C” in CARE. The “C” is an imperative first step in getting struggling restaurateurs back on track and ensuring new restaurateurs never fall off… or if they do they have the tools to get right back in to the mix.


When we create something, especially when it’s something we’ve come up with on our own, there is a massive sense of pride and excitement that comes along with that. Even following a recipe step by step in the kitchen, when you see the finished product that you’ve created, you are generally overcome with joy. This is what I want to tap into with my clients, and it is extremely powerful. If things have grown to become laborious and unexciting we must put efforts into creating.

Whether it is a plate of food, a blank canvas and a brush, or a community event, I challenge my clients to create something. Tapping into these emotions will do two things, 1. It will allow you to distract your mind from the tasks and realities that have assisted in this funk you are in, and 2. Open your mind, heart, soul, body, literally all of you, to feel that DAY 1 again.

Taking time to create something of significance to you will serve you very well, and will set us of on a path for truly caring again for a business that so badly needs us.


If you are struggling with your business and looking to change that reality and care again. Reach out via the CONTACT ME page at and see if working together could be a fit.