My interview with Jason Fudin of WHYHOTEL

“We run pop-up hotels in new apartment buildings” is how Jason kicks us off on this weeks podcast.

Jason Fudin the CEO of WhyHotel explains to me in very simple terms what WhyHotel is and how it all works and I am very intrigued.

Jason and his team have seemingly thought outside of the box and created a business where only before there were gaps.

On this weeks podcast you will hear Jason break down logistically how WhyHotel operates and the seemingly ingenious model to use what would otherwise be empty rental units in brand new buildings and turning them into a complete luxury experience.


  • Dealing with the disconnect between Hospitality and Home

  • The role of “Hospitality” in WhyHotel

  • Advice on how to engage your customers with your brand at every moment

  • The importance of recognizing your consumers needs (What 70% want and what the other 30% desire)

  • Where WhyHotel is going


“I guess there is ‘what is WhyHotel and where is it going” (4:06)

“We have the opposite problem… we spend a lot of time engaging with our guests, it does take you a little bit longer to check in, but you’re now building a relationship.” (13:18)

“Calmly. Alright what are the FIVE things we know? What are the FIVE things we don’t know?” (27:53)

“It was the most amazing trip of my life!” (37:30)

“Talking with my son. I am so looking forward to that moment really engage and shape the life of the person that I brought into the world.” (41:50)

Tune in to the PODCAST to hear the rest!


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