How Well Does Your Favourite Restaurant Dance?

As I narrow in on my consulting niche I am becoming more aware of what I can offer to this industry and what I feel the industry needs.

Simply put, most restaurants need to learn how to dance.

You see for far too long now so many restaurants have been ignoring, unaware, or just unsure of what dance they are even trying to perform. When I say “dance” I mean everything coming together in a restaurants space to create their own unique and defining moves. Operations, systems, staff, leadership team, the physical space, the music, the smells, the lighting, and most importantly the culture. All of these things coming together to create a given restaurants style, it’s swag, it’s vibe, it’s own unique dance.

The restaurants in our space that have this fully understood, adopted, and have implemented their own dance are the true rainmakers in this industry and the ones who know how to get down. They are leading this space and experiencing an abundance of success.

Humour me and think of your favourite restaurant…

O.k, got it?

Great, now what about it makes it your favourite? The food? The service? The music? The ambience? Whatever that one thing for you, that is their dance, it is unique to them and it speaks to you. When you dine at your favourite restaurants they are hitting certain cues, keys, and moments for you that resonate and stick with you. The way they run their business, serve their customers, and exist in the industry is done in a style of dance that you yourself can get down with.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Google says there are well over 100 different styles of dances across the world which is incredible for you and I as consumers because it means that there are so many choices. The choices are also abundant for the restaurants as well.

If you own a sushi place, you can dance the ballet or tap. If you’re a bbq joint you can dance hip-hop or interpretive dance, the options are almost endless. The majority of the restaurants that we experience here in North America and in certain parts of Europe would fall under the label of one of the Top 10 Most Famous Dances. Dances like Latin, Swing, Ballroom, B-Boy, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Tap are all dances that most of us would be familiar with and arguably enjoy being exposed to.

Now think back to your favourite restaurant, what type of dance is it and how well are they pulling it off?

I feel so many restaurants in the industry there is obvious lack of awareness of what their dance really is (see Culture) and perhaps they are even too tired to dance. However, as mentioned previously, the ones that have their dance defined and on-point, they are the ones that are crushing it. Truly owning their style of dance, they love it, and their guests do too. Day in and day out, they dance like no one is watching but they know that you are.

Those that are standing on the wall with their hands in their pockets, that is fine, and that is cool, if that is what you want to be doing. But the action is ON the dance floor, and that action is where the crowds are and where every restaurant should want to be. You can’t dance your dance with your feet against the wall.

The next time you step into any restaurant, ask yourself, “…what type of dance is this, and do I like it?” Watch for the way the servers work their sections. Be aware of the manager as she greets guests and visits tables. Peak in on the kitchen to see how they are flowing back there. All of this should work to compliment each and every individual piece of the experience. It should be a seamless dance that leaves you feeling like you were a part of every step and all you want is one more song.


If you’re in the restaurant industry and you’re looking for help with your dance reach out to me TODAY!