What Happens When You Give; A Vol5 Summary

With the help of some incredible friends we have now successfully pulled off 5 charity dinners throughout the Lower Mainland here in BC and I couldn’t be more proud.

For me it is incredible to see what has become of what was really just an idea or vision I had while laying awake one night. I laid in bed thinking to myself “Wow there are so many talented, caring and thoughtful people in the food space and I am getting to meet so many of them. I wonder what we could all do together to create some real positive change in our communities. This dinner series has become some of the most fulfilling work I have ever done and I cannot wait to do a lot more.

This past weekend we brought our dinner series back to the downtown core where we hosted 60 guests in the iconic Medina Cafe . It was such an awesome setting as we collaborated with Ono Vancouver to welcome our guests to an evening of incredible food, inspiring conversation and create the space to encourage positive change for those less fortunate in our community.

Working with Union Gospel Mission from the Downtown Eastside I was extremely excited to not only bring their message to a broader audience but also facilitate a sizeable donation created all on the back of this dinner. Using food as a connector throughout this dinner series has inspired me to do more and find more ways to bring people together to affect some real positive change. It’s really special the amount of people that have purchased tickets to these events to facilitate the financial donations going to these platforms such as UGM that they so greatly appreciate.

While I am not ignorant to the incredible amount of need that exists in our world let alone our city I am so proud to be working with my team to create some shifts in the right direction by giving to those less fortunate.

I have said on numerous occasions that this dinner series has given me way more than I have ever given it and that statement really couldn’t be any more accurate. Not only do I literally get high off of these events but as I mentioned I get so inspired as well. I get inspired to see how far can I push this. How many mouths can I truly work to feed? Not only in this city, not only in this province, and not only in this Country but across the globe what can I create that will help feed those who need it more than others, those who have had setbacks and at the very least deserve a warm meal?

Personally, I am just so inspired to create massive positive change using every skill I have and doing it all with food. After executing just 5 of these dinners I know it is possible. I know I can do it and I cannot wait to level this whole operation up.

Giving to others gives so much to me.

I am a massive believer in the law of reciprocity and I talk about on almost every podcast because it really has served me so well especially as a new entrepreneur working to grow my business to even higher levels. By using all that I have access to I’ve been able to bring people together, get them to buy into my vision and help me create the positive change I was daydreaming of that night as I laid awake in bed almost a year ago. By giving to others, by creating this platform, I have been gifted so much abundance in my life and for that I am so grateful.

The people I have met, the people I have worked with, the stories I have learned more about are all far more valuable to me than anything you can put a price. The real value for me comes from the fact that with these dinners we are helping others in our communities gain access to food, food they may otherwise not have access to.

If this dinner series can keep playing a role in putting food into the mouths of those that can’t afford it, you can rest assured this dinner series will not stop. If anything I have bigger and more audacious goals for this dinner series and like I mentioned there is no reason we cannot take this globally and positively impact our global community one meal at a time.

What happens when I give?

I learn how lucky I am that I get to do it. I am privileged to give to others and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.