Are we even on the map?

Sure the Eater article I read this week that motivated this post is from 2011, however; reading Daniel Boulud describing why he left Vancouver for Montreal sort of hurts, and has me asking if he’d say the same thing today.

The reality is that our food scene today in 2018 is a lot different from what is was 7 years ago, it just has to be, doesn’t it?

Would Daniel Boulud ever come back and set up shop here? I am unsure. So much of me wants to say “Yes”, but why? Is it simply my pride? Or have we done enough work to push Vancouver and it’s hospitality scene forward?

I look at the restaurants that for me top the list here in Vancouver (Savio Volpe, Mak N Ming, Maenam, Farmer’s Apprentice, Boulevard, etc.) and I feel like they can get in the ring and swing with some international greats, but are they getting the respect they deserve? Are we getting the respect we deserve as a food destination?

As I get ready to step into our 50th episode on The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast I am hyper aware of the talent we have in this city. I have sat down with so many of them. The passion, energy and emotion that those that make up this community work with is palpable. The Chefs, Servers, Bartenders, General Contractors, Entrepreneurs, Designers, and Restaurateurs are consistently working their fingers to their bones. However, holistically could it be better? Yes.

It is not unique to our industry, the cream always rises to the top, and that is how it should be. However; would we as a city be in a better place if we asked more of ourselves with each opportunity we have when it comes to the food scene here in this stunning city? I think unequivocally yes!

That requires ALL of us, consumers & creators, to up their game and demand more. Can the hole in the wall Pho spot blow you away with their unique approach to their service? Yep. Can the consumers demand more from the food system, demanding more local farmers being hi-lighted en masse? Yep, definitely.

We have the potential to be that amazing underground band that has been touring for years and harnessing their craft and is now ready to take the world by storm with the first of many epic albums. Putting them (us, Vancouver) in the conversation with the International crowd.

So are we THE city for Chefs & Restaurateurs such as Mr Boulud? At the moment, perhaps not, but we are close and before we know out we could be The Beatles/Rolling Stones of the industry with people screaming and lining up to see what we have to offer, and selling out arenas.

Stay tuned DB. We are reinventing what the hospitality industry looks like over here on the West Coast.