Why I Eat Local.

This is a copy and paste from a post I wrote on my Wordpress site back in 2012 and after having a friend remind me of it, I decided to read it again, and repost it right here.

I eat A LOT!

Like many of my friends, I am a very active guy. From CrossFit, and some recreational sports on the side my active lifestyle, along with my genes allows me to take down a serious amount of food.

However, with that said, I won't eat everything.

I am not a picky guy, there isn't much I don't like to eat, but I am very particular of where my food comes from. Ever since I read Michael Pollans book The Omnivores Dilemma, I've been more passionate about how something has made it to my plate. I take time now to educate myself on food, where it has come from, how was it raised or cultivated, what was that process, and can I speak to the person who is behind it. I came to find that a lot of these questions couldn't be answered by the cashier old at Costco, so I decided to take my money and support someone who could answer my questions. ***Disclaimer I shopped at Costco this morning for a few items***

I started to, whenever possible, buy local! (...and here are they reasons why I continue to do so.)

Reason #1: In my opinion the product is superior. The flavour, the colour, the smell, the texture, everything is elevated when you're dealing with a product that hasn't been sprayed with unknown chemicals or picked and sorted by a machine. Show me a locally grown, in season piece of fruit, and the show me that same fruit from the North East United States, and I can almost guarantee you the local product will appease all of your sense far more. The less modern agriculture is involved there is a better chance I will buy it. ***Still very true***

Reason #2: The wannabe hippie in me likes to buy a product that hasn't impacted the environment that much. If the only way I can get a kiwi is to buy one that is harvested in New Zealand, trucked, shipped, and trucked again before I can grab one at my local super market, I probably wasn't meant to eat a kiwi until I visited New Zealand. Again, the less modern agriculture has to do with that food getting to me, the happier I am to purchase it.

Reason #3: I like to support my local economy, and even more specifically, I like to support the families that work so hard to bring us some of the amazing products while attempting to pay themselves a salary. For example we buy our protein (Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Turkey) from Big Bear Ranch in Horsefly, B.C. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the farm. They welcomed me with open arms and were happy to show me how they raise their animals, and create the product that eventually ends up on our plate. They are passionate people, and they love what they do. They love creating a product that is in line with the way mother nature intended it to be, with very little involvement from humans. That passion and sincere interest in creating an honest organic product stretches off of the Big Bear Ranch farm and reaches our local markets here in Vancouver. The farmers will answer your questions, and help you understand why they do what they do. I would much rather give our money to someone that is passionate about their product and passionate about creating it as close to the way that mother nature intended, then to a faceless piece of steak from Nebraska found in my local super market.

I buy local because I like to see where my money goes, I like to help the environment as much as possible and I like to eat clean & fresh products. I can't do that at most large scale grocery stores unfortunately. ***Perhaps we are slowly seeing a change here?***

As long as we are able we will continue to support Big Bear Ranch and other farmers that populate the stalls at the local markets. This is a trend that I hope will reach out to even more people and soon be the norm for everyone with the potential to access quality local food.