As a family we just returned home from a trip back to Ontario where we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. Our trip saw us spending a lot of time on a plane and a just enough time at Canadas busiest airport, Pearson International Airport in Toronto, to grab a meal.

A very disappointing meal.

My challenge is, why does it have to be this way?

We flew into Pearson at 7ish AM and we were gifted with just enough time to have a sit down in Roger Mooking’s TWIST Restaurant. The menu looked extremely promising and spoke to both Lindsey and I as it offered healthier fare as well as some classic breakfast and brunch “treats” if one is so inclined.

Sitting down I was immediately aware that they were understaffed. This is no ones fault that is on the floor and trying to make it work, but the reality was they could have used another 1 or 3 bodies to relieve the pressure and offer a more attentive service.

Swing and a miss #1.

Once we were able to put our order in, we truly didn’t wait too long at all for our food, which did come out hot which was a win. However the food itself wasn’t quite what we were expecting for the ticket price. Lindseys BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato on a Croissant) was literally just that. 3 pieces of bacon, 1 piece of lettuce, 1 slice of tomato and the croissant. While in this very moment I don’t know how you could make that plate look better than it did, I do know that when the plate was dropped we both sort of heard that “Wuh Wuh” music.  You know the music I am talking about.

While you can’t argue the quality of the ingredients it just lacked any sort of excitement and seemingly didn’t equal the $13 price point of the dish ($5.00 more than at the Original TWIST restaurant)

Swing and a miss #2.

Then looking at my Vegetarian Omelette there wasn’t much about the dish that inspired you to dig right in unfortunately. I will just leave it at that as I don’t want this to be all about how TWIST was a let down because that’s not my point here.

My point is that does this HAVE to be the case? Do we have to get up-charged $5-$10.00 because we are stuck in the terminal, and you have us completely in the palm of your hands? Does the food have to be under-seasoned / overcooked / looking like someone drove a car over it before it hits the table? And lastly do you think that if Roger Mooking was in the kitchen / on the floor / at the pass any of the standards above would exist?

I am frustrated that this is the standard. I am frustrated that it is opportunities just like this one at TWIST in Pearson International Airport that as an industry we are missing out on. We as the consumers are not surprised by this standard, at least I am assuming most of the population aren’t. However how cool and impressive would it be if as an industry we could knock these experiences out of the park. Give the customers an experience that they will be surprised, impressed, and excited about.

Sure it’s an airport but for me that doesn’t make it any different than being in the ACTUAL restaurant. Let’s, as an industry, demand more from ourselves and give our patrons something above their expectations. The opportunities, if we do will be endless as far as reenergizing this industry giving it an injection of life that will serve us all well.

Oh, and for the record I think Roger Mooking is rad, I just want his restaurant at the airport to be rad too.

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