My Heart Is Full.

Well we did it.

Four down.

Two to go.

I am extremely full, and it feels awesome. While there was incredible food served at last nights Half A Dozen Dinner Series Vol4, it wasn’t the food that left me feeling so full.

My heart was full.

Over the past 8 months we’ve executed 4 of the most impactful events that I have ever been a part of and they’re only getting better and better. Before, during and after the dinner I am extremely aware of the emotions that are coming up for me, and while many of them are hard to describe and pin point, I will say I feel a whole lot of love during these dinners.

I wrote about some of the other emotions I experienced from our last dinner about a month ago and I described as, well, the blog I wrote is called “Last Night I Got High, Really High” so essentially I get a high off of these incredible evenings, and last night was no different.

I will be honest, most of these events from start to finish are a blur to me, but last night was different, it seemed more intimate. While the space we were in lent to that, there seemed to be this incredible willingness of all of the guests to engage and share, and that for me was so cool to witness. My heart was filling up a lot at this time.

A few of the guests made it a point to share with me some of the kindest and most generous words that I could have every asked for and I was so proud of all of us to be in this room and feeling so willing and able to share what we really were feeling in that very moment. I was witnessing, again, the power of food, and the power of a great cause.

I was blown away all evening by the chatter amongst the guests, and equally blown away by the performance of the 11 volunteers that gave up their Saturday nights to help bring my vision into a reality. I was so proud of all of them for doing such an incredible job with the service and for being so bought into why we were all there.

My heart is full as I sit and write this just over 24hrs after the event started and it feels so awesome.

I am learning more in these events, again, about the power of food and it’s ability to bring people together. The ability to create an incredible positive impact in your community, world, home, or wherever on the back of some wicked food should never be underestimated.

If you’re reading this, try it out for yourself. Go out and buy some great ingredients, invite your friends over for a meal, or heck host a long table dinner on a farm, charge a fair price for the tickets and donate the profits to a local charity that is near and dear to your own heart and watch it catch on like wild fire. Create conversation, promote community, and help others while we are at it.

Here’s to the power of food never being underestimated and here is to respecting the food we are so fortunate to consume. Let’s do our best to lift others up around us so that they feel welcome at the table as well.



Hakan Burcuoglu: Food Stories That Need To Be Told

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness..png

I send a lot of emails throughout the day where I use the word “synergy”. I use the word when i am describing a project, or making an email introduction, come to think of it, I may use it far too often.

However, I will allow myself to use it here as it is extremely applicable. The synergy that I feel with Hakan Burcuoglu of The Curoatorialist, is palpable and it is also tangible in what we do. Hakan has aligned himself with the food and beverage space and perhaps unknowingly is giving so much of himself to the industry.

Like the podcast, his website and his latest book truly do allow for others to use his platforms to tell their stories with his help in the most eloquent of ways. Hakan has a knack with words and a passion for great things that has propelled him to where he is today, giving more of himself to shine the light on others and the bi-product is he gets to rub elbows with some other pretty special artists and creators.

On the latest podcast Hakan and I discuss his new book, the local food scene in Vancouver, the global food scene, Radiohead, and everything in between. I love learning from people like Hakan and I almost pinch myself when I get to spend an hour plus with minds like this.

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  • Why he took on this book project in the first place

  • How he feels about the local hospitality scene in Vancouver 

  • What he loves about Radiohead

  • How to tell a story with a photo

  • Why it is important to tell the stories beyond the plate



“Compile something that was like 20 Rolling Stone interviews from the 80’s or 90’s” (5:03)

“It’s really up to us to be like, am I giving this person a “LIKE”? Am I watching their show? Am I giving them ratings? (25:16)

“In terms of just thinking about food and you know that Rockstar Chef, who is like an artist, that’s another conversation. ” (38:38)

“About time, you know, about just sitting down, and reading a story for just ten minutes, and then contemplate the recipe.” (58:50)


The Jerry Seinfeld Advice That Every Restaurant Needs To Hear

I have so much empathy for everyone in the hospitality industry as it is the roughest one out there, however does it always have to be so tough? I would argue it doesn’t and this simple advice from comedian and hugely successful actor Jerry Seinfeld covers off what most of the industry is missing.


“There is two levels of guys. There are these guys that just have this talent, and they can just make all kinds of money, but physically their life is a mess. Smoking, 20 Diet Cokes…. you know just horrible physical, sleeping, ambien, you know?….

But then you have those guys above those guys, who really kill it… and those guys… they have a system for everything. Every single minute of their day gets plugged into a system.”

This is the missing piece for so many in the industry at the moment and not coincidentally what I am covering this week on the podcast as well as what I will be diving deep into for my next FREE Webinar .

The fact that so many restaurants, cafes, bars, and even major hotels operate with a completely reactionary model means that they can never get ahead. By lacking systems in your business you lack the potential to truly be successful and create longevity with your business.

Simple systems can be implemented at the drop of a hat (ordering, hiring procedures, cleaning schedules, etc.) while other more intricate systems take time and attention to ensure they are right for the business and move it forward as opposed to just creating more work and noise for your team.

By taking an in depth look at your business (and personal life) you should be able to identify gaps that need to be filled and work that needs to be done to set up your specific systems. The work up front should make for less work later on, and allow for your business to be much more proactive than reactive.

In the hospitality industry we can learn so much from other industry of what to do and what not to do, and today we are lucky enough to learn from one of the worlds most successful comedians a simple piece that could add up to huge positive results for our industry.

You can check out Jerry’s bit on SYSTEMS below.

Stay tuned for my podcast on how important systems are in the restaurant industry and how not having them could be holding you back. Don’t forget to sign up for my FREE Webinar where I will be sharing in detail the systems I use with my clients to help them create positive changes in their businesses.

There Are Only Two Types Of Successful Restaurants

“The restaurant business is the hardest businesses that there is!” says, well, everyone.

You know what they aren’t necessarily wrong, however what I always say in rebuttal to that is…”Show me an easy business and I will show you a crowded market.” I want nothing to do with a crowded market.

You see the restaurant business is hard, but so is the car business, electronics, construction, medical sales, media, you name it they are all extremely challenging. To succeed in business, ANY business you need to be really really good and have a full understanding (and acceptance) that it will be hard.

While it is a very hard business I have actually uncovered the only TWO types of restaurants that are always successful and I cannot wait to share them with you.

With this knowledge you can say good-bye to the days of being underwhelmed by the poor service at that “new spot that is supposed to be awesome” and avoid the lineups for the pizza joint that actually come to find out uses all frozen ingredients on their pies.

Through working with my clients and watching what is happening all over the globe with food I hit me just yesterday that there is an actual equation to creating the two types of successful restaurants.

Lets break it down.

  1. THE IDEA: “The Idea” means the concept, and the concept is like the acorn to the oak tree if you will. Without a solid concept there can be no restaurant. Now the concept doesn’t need to be man takes his first step on the moon epic, but it needs to be epic in its own way. Take for example, Shake Shack. Shake Shack weren’t the first people to walk on the moon, i.e cook burgers and fries, nor where they the first to think of a fast casual or quick service model, BUT what they did do was create a concept, remember the acorn, that had the potential to be the biggest and strongest oak tree on the whole block. Strong concepts win, period. What Danny Meyer and his team have done over USHQ (Union Square Hospitality Group) is execute as close to perfection as they can on that concept and the public have spoken. It all started with an idea to create something different, better, and something that wasn’t currently being done with burgers. Shake Shack took what they knew was popular, arguably worldwide, burgers and fries and completely changed the way people interacted with this fast food product. The idea created a windfall for the company and they are experiencing success that they likely didn’t even imagine. There was no doubt however many hours spent refining what was the idea to now what is the reality. Concept is key, and the right one can set you up for incredible success. Now how do YOU find the solid concept restaurant to check out if it hasn’t already been sussed out for you? That is the tough part, but it can be done at lot easier nowadays than say 15-20 years ago. Use your spider-senses to follow solid food sites (I rely heavily on or find your way onto Instagram searching all of the appropriate hashtags. Or find someone, or a group that you know is consistently putting out hits and double down on their new concepts as your next place to go and check out. But I promise you that if a place is worth its weight in gold it all started with a solid concept, which no doubt didn’t come easy to whomever is behind it (more on that shortly). So if you’re in the restaurant game and you want to win, lock yourself in a room with all of your creative friends, or travel the world, whatever works for you. But trust me when I say 1 of the only 2 types of successful restaurants that exist are built on the backs of a very very very well thought out (then executed) concept.

  2. They Are Willing To Stand Alone: The most successful restaurants have been and always will be the ones that are willing to stand alone. The ones that are willing to hold on when everyone else is letting go. The ones that venture into unknown territory with a sort of “calculated” reckless abandon. You can even look at #1 as a great example supporting #2, because I can almost guarantee you that say, Shake Shack was not an overnight success, that brand was years, literally years of blood, sweat, tears, and probably a ton of money and time to be what it is today. The difference? They were will to stand alone. When so many other people would have said enough is enough USHG doubled down and said nope, we are hanging on. It is these restaurants and the people behind them that make them literally unstoppable, it is as if success for them is predetermined. It is in their blood as a business and as individuals, they are unwilling to quit, unwilling to let go, and more willing to do today what others won’t so they can do tomorrow what others can’t. The restaurant business hasn’t chewed up and spit out many pretenders but it is the people that are willing to stand alone that have created the strong roots in your city of what makes up your food scene. Whether the given restaurant is 1 month old or 30 years old, you can just tell how much they care, and if you can’t tell, they likely don’t care at all. And you know what that is fine and I get it, this industry isn’t easy, but again, no business is, it is those people who are willing to work hard and smart (see systems, procedures, and most importantly people) that define and redefine the food we enjoy in our communities. So how do you find these spots? Oh you’ll know. I mean sure you’ll have to walk in and give it a minute or two, but like a blind date, unless you’re completely out of tune, you should get it, feel it, smell it, hear it, all of that very very very quickly. It is those who are willing to stand alone that will always blow you away and will keep you wanting to come back for more.

It’s simple really, TWO types of successful restaurants in our world, and in your community, and these are the ones that will continue to be talked about and celebrated as they should be.

Keep your eyes peeled for new awesome concepts (with execution) as well as those business that are willing to stand alone and I promise you you will never be disappointed.


I'm Proud.

Some say that “PRIDE” is one of the seven deadly sins, I disagree.

Pride can be defined as “a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.”


I feel pride in this moment, not only for myself but for the community that I truly love so much.

Since I can remember I’ve absolutely loved the hospitality industry, before I even knew it was called “the hospitality industry”. I’ve always loved restaurants of every kind, I’ve always enjoyed hotels, and now as an adult I have a true love for cafes. There is just something about this industry that intrigues me like no other and draws me in.

The pride I feel for myself is for being so bold, so relentless, and so honest in following the path that I’ve felt drawn to walk down for so long. I am proud of tangible things too. I am proud of my podcast, which is really the fuel for this write up. I am proud of my clients that I get to work with every week as their trusted consultant as I work alongside of them to gather a better understanding of what issues they are having and how I can help them resolve those issues as best I can. Lastly I am proud of me for doing all of the above, and I am proud of anyone else who is out there right now doing what they love, helping others, and aggressively chasing down their dreams.

My real motivation for this piece on the “sinful” pride I am feeling comes from a place of reflection as I took no longer than 5mins to look back on the incredible people I have met in this industry. More specifically the incredible people I have met through my podcast. I am beyond proud of my guests. The amount of real, raw, and honest sharing that I’ve been able to be exposed to LIVE and in person has completely changed my understanding of what we are all doing in this industry and why.

I’ve cried on my podcast, and I’ve sat silently while my guests have cried as well and I am so damn proud of that. I am proud of the platform that The Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast has become. I love that I can hold space for literally anyone from our community and allow for them to share their story, as intimate as they want that share to be.

One of my latest podcasts had me thinking out loud again about the power of the microphones. While intuitively one might think that if you had a mic in front of your face you may not be too forth coming with information, the good and the bad. However the microphones have proven to be 10,000,000 times better than a coffee meeting downtown. With the microphones turned on I’ve been able to learn more about the hospitality industry than ever before. I’ve learned recipes, names of exotic fruits, how croissants are made, what food racism is and that a heck of a lot of people in our industry are suffering.

The topics that I’ve been able to unearth with my guests have given me so much hope for this industry worldwide. The hospitality community is doing some incredible work to put our people and the products on the map, but there is also a huge push to create a more open dialog on what’s been quietly challenging our industry for centuries.

Call it mental health, drug & alcohol abuse, anxiety, stress, or depression. Call it whatever you want. For far too long these issues and many others have gone uncovered and they’ve cost the community so absolute incredible talents. Through my podcast I’ve been witness to my guests baring it all and being as honest as they can be about their experiences in this industry, and unfortunately a lot of them have been brutal and have caused many lasting issues. However each guest that comes on to my show and decides to share, and allow for the show to go there, I can guarantee, those people are a beacon for someone else listening, feeling the exact same way, but having no clue where to turn to or even what to do first.

So today I am proud. I am proud of the podcast guests that have allowed for the podcast to be a space where they feel safe to share and to allow for others to achieve a more intimate look at what is really going on in the hospitality industry.

As I quickly approach my 100th episode I am more in love with my podcast and it’s guests than ever before. I am extremely excited for the next 100 and all of the fantastics shares from our guests that are sure to come our way.

I am proud of everything this industry has to offer and feel so lucky that I get to be a part of it.


Joe Parenteau & Max Tims: Be intentional about the shared moments in life.

You never know where your next big idea will come from, and for the team at FABLE HOME it all started when Co-Founder Joe Parenteau was tasked to find some nice plates for his Mom. Through Joe’s shopping and research he recognized a gap in the market. Max & Joe (with the help of their awesome team) set out to create a tableware company unlike anything else out on the market.

Cutting out ALL of the traditional players in the tableware process FABLE HOME has designed a direct to consumer model that provides their customers with an extremely high quality product at a fraction of the cost. 

By creating an affordable and good looking product I am confident that the team at FABLE HOME are destined for some big things and it was a blast hosting them on the show where I was able to truly learn from these two great minds and all around great guys.

I encourage you to go and order your very own set of FABLE plates and let us here at the show know how much you love your new tableware, as I am sure you will.

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  • What goes into making high quality tableware

  • How Max & Joe are tactfully approaching this business

  • The importance of a solid team and community around your business

  • When transparency in business pays off

  • How to update a seemingly tired industry



“What we are really focused on is being a dining experience company.”  (3:48)

“We definitely do that right through to the direct to consumer model.”” (9:00)

“We are very very lucky to be able to lean on all of these people and get to get their insights.” (26:46)


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Lauren Ritchie: Respecting The Process & Reaping The Benefits


Since the age of 16, like so many of us in the space Lauren Ritiche has been in the hospitality space but it wasn’t always in the kitchen. Starting out and then spending most of her time in the front of the restaurant she had a knack for working with the public yet she was always drawn to the buzz of the kitchen.

Lauren’s interest took her down the path of pastries and that has lead to the seamless segway into bread, which I have to admit Lauren does exceptionally well. Lauren like most makers, and artists, takes a sincere interest in the production of her breads and that interest turns into a pretty phenomenal product.

While Ritchies Bakery is a farmers market vendor at the moment, don’t be surprised if you see Lauren rubbing elbows with some pretty epic company through her growth. The likes of the dynamic team from Flourist and the newest addition to the physical bakery address scene, Claire Livia as there’s no doubt Lauren is set along the same path of these other incredible local female lead businesses who just happen to make phenomenal bread.

Lauren shares a lot on this podcast and I know you will all enjoy it. If you’re local be sure to reach out to Lauren and get some of her awesome products as soon as you can!

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  • How to make sourdough

  • What it takes to run your own side hustle bakery

  • How Lauren finds the time and energy

  • When she knew this was something she wanted to do

  • Why she loves working with her hands so much



“I don’t consider it a job, I love what I do. ”  (8:44)

“Vanessa Kimbell, so she does this thing called the ‘Sourdough School’, and I would love to meet her..” (19:22)

“Ordering and stuff like, ‘Oh I ran out of flour!’, you can’t just go and run to the grocery store.” (32:00)

“I don’t think it really matters. Just do sourdough.” (49:42)


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Vanessa Kimbell

Liberty Bakery

La Glace Ice Cream


Claire Livia


The Bread Lab

Grain Gathering

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It Was Bound To Happen.


The reality is the hospitality industry, food and beverage in general is a challenging space, BUT, what I have mentioned on the podcast and here on the blog more than a few times is how attractive (see; SEXY) this space is.

The appeal of this industry has been confirmed multiple times over whether it was someone’s friend quitting their day job to go all in on the food truck that sells tacos and potato salad, or the two high school buddies that always wanted to own their own bar finally taking the plunge. People have always wanted to play in this space, and sometimes it actually works out. However what we are witnessing now is more than just a lawyer quitting her job to open a bakery. We are now seeing massive companies that have ZERO food & beverage alignment, investing in this industry as they realize it’s power and potential when done right.

Having companies such as Lululemon step into the hospitality space signifies a few things for me:

  • Food, albeit risky, when done right can be a huge success.

  • The demand on companies like Lululemon and companies like it, to adapt their model as most shoppers are now shopping online and food is an “easy” pivot and offering.

  • Due to the success of online shopping brands have less of any opportunity to engage with that consumer any further, whereas food and drink allow for that.

  • With a well thought out concept and a lazer like execution, this industry can be a great business.

Lululemon isn’t the only company to jump in the food pool, as Crate & Barrel have adapted their model a bit and are now offering some unique dining experiences where they can not only provide their guests with an awesome meal, but they can also showcase their products to a captive audience. In the example of Crate & Barrel they’ve taken the traditional in-store demo (free) into a full dining experience (not free).

Just look at what big brands like NETFLIX have done for food, heck YOUTUBE, AMAZON, you name it, everyone is making moves to be in this space, not only from a user experience space but very much so from a space of value and longevity with a food aspect to these brands.

Some may scoff at all of this and call it a flash in the pan, and sure, it very well may be however I say lets wait and see the true impact of players like this getting into the food space. My initial reaction is that this a great thing for our industry as I see it creating more dialog and more space for education around food and food systems, not only locally, but globally. With a brand such as Lululemon I would be very surprised if they don’t align their food program with solid food ethics, health foods, and sustainable practices wherever possible as I feel that is what their brand so naturally is.

By having big businesses join us on the dance-floor we have a greater opportunity to impact our food systems in a positive way with this new established platform for messaging that never offered itself up to food and food education.

While I am not too inspired by the plates that Lululemon is offering at FUEL, I am inspired by the faith they have showed in hospitality. Being a space that can not only provide the Lulus of the world, an economical windfall but also positively impacting the community overall.

Chicago isn’t on my radar at the moment as a destination, although the food scene is and has always been so respectable, I will no doubt make a trip before too long and be sure to stop in for a pair of shorts and an acai bowl.

Now the only question that remains… which big business giant will want to play in this industry next?


Last Night I Got High, Really High.


For the record I don’t get high, I don’t even drink alcohol but last night I got very high.

The internet says that being “high” can be described as “a classic uptick in physical energy and emotional uplift.” and I couldn’t agree more because that is exactly what I felt.

It all started at 5:45am yesterday as I woke up to prepare for a day that had been circled on my calendar for the past 6 months. June 22nd 2019 meant I was hosting, along with an incredible crew of volunteers, my THIRD of SIX pop-up dinners for 2019 with all profits going to local food based charities.

As I made my way through the logistics of the morning I had no idea what was truly in store for me 10 to 12 hours later, and I definitely didn’t think I was going to get as high as I did. However what transpired over what was an incredibly long day is actually pretty hard for me to even articulate here, but I will do my best.

Picture this.

You spend hours, scratch that, weeks envisioning something, something you really really want to come true, and then right before your eyes it becomes a reality in what seems to be a very short amount of time.

Of the the previous pop-ups that we’ve done they’ve been sort of similar in a roundabout way in that they were in spaces that looked like, felt like, and were actual restaurants (or restaurant-like spaces). This dinner, the one I was high for, was fundamentally different. We were set to host 60 people for a six course plant-based dinner, in a field.

No walls, no professional kitchen, no restaurant in sight. We were called to create a restaurant in the middle of a field on a farm. So that is what we did.

For weeks I had been planning on paper, and in my head. Bouncing ideas off of my friends, my partner, and at some points even my 1 year old daughter. I didn’t realize, however, that all of those conversations, all of those run throughs of Scenario A’s vs. Scenario B’s was setting me up for a very unreal and unforgettable night.

As the day went on yesterday, everything began to take shape. Sure maybe the lights didn’t quite look the way I drew it up. Sure the 60 person table wasn’t perfectly straight. But what was happening was my vision was becoming my reality.

I started to get high.

I could feel it when it hit me and it was a very long and blissful high. As I worked with my incredible friends to set up tables, kitchens, lights, and what we called a “bar” I felt a very visceral since of joy that was just slathered with a whack of pride as well.

Wrapping up the last few pieces of work to get the space ready for guests and then the buzz really kicked in. It was official, it was game time and I was as ready as I could ever be to do this.

The difference was this time I was very aware of how high I was.

I was as blissed as I could be as I welcomed people to the farm and encouraged them to make themselves at home on the incredible land we had turned into our little restaurant for the night. The mingling of the guests, the aesthetics of what we had created kept hitting me and giving me such incredible jolts of joy that I couldn’t stop talking to myself. Mumbling things like “You’re actually doing it.” “You realize how awesome this is right?” “Look at all of these wicked people here to support you!”. That dialogue prolonged the high and ensured me that this was a very special feeling on a very special night.

By now you realize that I wasn’t actually “high” in the sense that I took a few hits from a bong yesterday. I was high from seeing what was once only a vision in my head become a very complete and very real reality. My high was fuelled by me doing what I love to do. My high came from being in a space and time where I felt there was no where else I was supposed to be. My high was the alignment of me just being the absolute realest that I could be. Finding myself in such a natural space and state provided me with the type of high that I will look to chase again and I am sure I have even experienced in the past but perhaps I was too unaware to take a moment to recognize it.

They say that “PRIDE” is one of the 7 deadly sins, but I embraced that feeling last night as I was so proud of everyone that came together for really one reason, to share, and from that sharing came so many other incredible spokes to the wheel. I was proud last night as I sat in that high, and I am proud now as I write this. I am proud because I am staying more true now to what lights me up than ever before. It has taken me 37 years to learn that the more you align with what you really want out of this life the more opportunities you have to get as high as you can as often as possible.

Looking back on last night it was everything that it needed to be and a little bit more with the high it provided me.

Here’s to our visions becoming our realities and the ability to get high from it all.


If you’d like to get high with me, be sure to stay tuned for the next 3 dinners we have coming up this year here in Vancouver!

Show Notes - Joanna Jagger : Creating Space For Positive Change

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 2.49.07 PM.png

Joanna Jagger and her team are “new to this space” but they are coming to the Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation world with a ton of experience, a basket full of educational pieces, and a true desire to facilitate positive change for all women in these spaces.

Meeting up with Joanna I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn, but I knew I was going to walk away with a fresh perspective, some actionable takeaways, and a new appreciation for the gaps that still exist in our industry. What WORTH is working to do is to create a platform for more dialog, a dialog to create some significant change.

The stats that Joanna shared with me during this podcast were staggering and I was blown away by how behind we are, specifically in the hospitality space. Joanna brought new paradigms to consider within the restaurant world that until we met I was likely pretty blind to.

I appreciate Joanna’s approach to what she and her team are working to create with WORTH and I applaud them all on the exceptional work they’ve already done to help fill in where some of these giant gaps have existed for far too long.

For the June 24th NEGOTIATE YOUR WORTH event you can grab your tickets HERE

For the August YES SHEF event, you can grab tickets HERE

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lydia (1).png


  • What barriers women are still facing

  • How to navigate this space as a woman and as a man

  • How moving our industries forward with these topics can look

  • The importance of conversation

  • Why we need to see action today



“What we are building as Worth Association, for me it, I recognized there was a big gap so if you work in many other industries, there’s a Women In Leadership Association.”  (5:19)

“I think there is choice now. I think women coming up in the next generation, I hope, I truly hope, I truly believe the movements globally, ME TOO or TIMES UP, empowering women.” (19:56)

“And this is the special part of YES SHEF, it’s getting the Vancouver Community College, paired up. ” (25:49)

“Not control yourself to be a professional, and that in itself kind of a form of harassment.” (44:58)

“A book you haven’t read yet, or a podcast you haven’t listened to yet, we are in such a powerful time of having knowledge at our fingertips” (45:38)



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Piquant Marketing

Me Too

Times Up

Vancouver Community College

Fairmont Hotels

Female Role Models

Gender Occupation Segregation

Capilano University

Negotiate Your Worth

Inspire Her

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